Solar Energy in Pakistan

Solar energy is an alternate energy resource which can address the current electricity crisis in Pakistan to a great extent. The use of solar energy in Pakistan will not only meet the power deficit in the country, but will also be an economical source of electricity. The dependency on rain water to feed hydroelectric power plants will be reduced, the insanely burgeoning electricity rates will be brought down and the demand of an ever-increasing population for power will be eventually met. All this will, of course, take time before solar energy power plants are properly established.

The development of solar energy plants in different provinces of Pakistan is already under process by the government. The project is being supervised and run by the International Renewable Energy Agency of China. This project of introducing solar energy in Pakistan has been named “Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System”. The first success of the project was achieved in May, 2012 in the form of an on-grid solar power plant installed in the capital city.

Solar Energy

The installation of solar power plants requires initial investment. However, once they have been established, they can serve to be a source of constant supply of low cost electricity throughout the year. Some maintenance charges are involved, but these charges are not too much to worry about.

Out of all the renewable sources of energy, solar energy in Pakistan is the most suitable form of sustainable energy resource. The country which often faces the shortage of rain cannot completely rely on its hydroelectric power plants. Moreover, windmills can only be installed in specific areas where winds blow frequently, unhindered by any construction. Similarly, tidal energy can also not be used to meet the rapidly growing demand of electricity. On the other hand, solar energy has the potential to solve the electricity problems in this country which experiences an average of 228 clear, sunny days every year. Therefore, this gift of nature should be properly utilized to deal with one of the most significant problems of the country at the moment.

Solar energy in Pakistan can also be used on private basis in homes to fulfill their own energy requirements. Several private companies are currently offering the installation of solar panels in homes to convert the sun’s light and heat energy into electrical energy. The cost of these private solar power plants varies according to the electricity production capacity of the plants. However, once installed, these solar power plants have the potential to serve for a lifetime, provided the required maintenance is performed on a regular basis.

At a smaller scale, solar energy can also be used to produce thermal energy. This can be useful for heating water, removing the dependency on gas geysers. Therefore, other than dealing with the electricity crisis, solar energy in Pakistan can also solve the problem of gas shortage in the country.

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