Daal Cooking Recipes In Urdu دالیں

Daal is a healthy, delicious, cheap (in terms of price, not the quality) and easy-to-prepare food comfort for lunch, supper or dinner. It tastes delicious even with minimum ingredients. Full of nutrition, it is one of the good and energizing foods.

It is the undying love of the people from subcontinent for dal that most households include this flavorsome staple in their daily diet. At the first glance, you may find it simple and basic but dal encompasses an amazing variety. An integral part of almost every Indian and Pakistani meal, it includes the varieties of chana, moong, masoor and urad, etc.

Cooked in several different ways, dal has become the lifeline of Pakistani and Indian platter. Here you get a perfect amalgamation of great taste, nutrients and wholesome goodness. The dal recipes range from simple to sophisticated. People suffering from stomach or digestive problems would go for simply cooked dal curry with least amount of spices. The healthy and energetic individuals, on the other hand, would like much spicy and sophisticated daal curry.

Do you know you can prepare a simple yet delicious daal dish in only water and salt? Adding some vegetable oil will definitely contribute to its flavor. A spicier and tastier daal curry, on the other hand, shall include over a dozen ingredients.

Some of the popular dal recipes include Meethi Dal, Mughlai Dal, Tarka Dal, Dal Makhani, Coconut Dal, Bombay Khichda, Loki Dal, and so on.

You might have enjoyed Tarka Daal in a hotel. But do you know how to make it? The cooking time may range from 1 to 2 hours. The key ingredients include daal chana (¼ Kg), vegetable oil (3 tbsp), cumin seeds (1 tbsp), onion (1 bulb), green chilies (3-4), ginger (small piece), garlic (3 cloves), tomato (3 heads), turmeric (¾ tsp), garam masala (¾ tsp), ground coriander (1 ½ tsp), salt and black pepper (to taste), and a handful chopped fresh coriander leaves.