Desserts Cooking Recipes In Urduمیٹھی ڈش

Dessert is a sweet dish that is eaten at the end of a main meal. It may also consist of liquors, nuts, cheeses, ice cream, custard, pudding, pastry, cakes and cookies. Several hundred desserts are popular in India and Pakistan.

Preparing a delicious dessert is not a piece of cake for everybody. Usually there are several ingredients and each is to be added at a specific time in specific amount. The most liked desserts in Indian subcontinent include Mince Pie, White Russian Cake, Nachni Barfi, Sweet Potato Rabdi, Biscoti, Mango Lassi Ice Cream, Lychee Sorbet, Scones, Gulkand Cupcake, Aloo Ka Halwa, and so on.

Here follows a brief discussion about the ingredients and cooking methodology of some simple dessert recipes. To start with, Nachni Barfi is a chocolaty barfi that takes nearly an hour to cook. The key ingredients are Nachni flour (finger millet flour), jaggery (concentrated product of cane juice, date and palm sap), nuts and peanut butter. For garnishing you can use almonds and chocolate vermicelli.

To cook, add chopped nuts in a heated oil in a Karahi and sauté for 1 minute. Then add Nachni flour (ragi flour) and roast for 8 to 10 minutes. Add jaggery and keep stirring till it melts completely. While stirring, add khoya and peanut butter. Evenly spread the mixture on a plate and refrigerate it. After some time, remove it from the refrigerator and garnish with chocolate vermicelli and chopped almonds. Cut pieces in desired shape and serve.

For cooking Pineapple Halwa, you need to take sugar and water and put them in a non-stick pan. Heat the pan and keep stirring till the sugar dissolves. Add small pieces of pineapple and saffron into the pan and cook on low heat.

Take semolina and sauté it in another nonstick pan till light golden. Add almonds and cooked pineapple along with sugar syrup to semolina and mix well. Then add khoya and sauté for 2 minutes. Finally, transfer the mixture into a serving bowl, garnish it with almonds and serve.