Eid Special Cooking Recipes In Urdu عید کے پکوان

Among other things, what makes Eid a memorable event is enjoying deliciously sweet and savory dishes together. In the busy and hectic routine life, people seldom find time to meet their loved ones. Eid brings them together and Eid recipes make them live the event.

On the eve of “Chhoti Eid” or Eid-ul-Fitr, people make special sweet dishes. Vermicelli, cooked in different styles, is a must-eat-thing. Different dry fruits are used to add to the delicacy of the dishes. Milk is an essential ingredient and it is used in plenty. However, some vermicelli dishes are also prepared without milk.

For “Bari Eid” or Eid-ul-Azha, people mostly make savory dishes using mutton and beef as the main ingredients. They make different types of Korma and Kabab. However, sweet dishes are not totally out of the scene.

Some special Eid recipes include Fish Finger, Seekh Kaleji, Bihari Kabab, Badami Korma, Besan Barfi, Bread Kheer, Madrasi Balti Fish and Hyderabadi Dum Kabab. Now let’s talk about the ingredients of some of the popular Eid recipes.

For preparing Crunchy Fish Finger dish, you need 1 Kg of fish cut in finger-like slices. Other ingredients include bread crumbs, eggs, Maida flour (all-purpose flour), corn flour and soy sauce. Table salt, Chinese salt, black pepper and chili garlic sauce are also the essential ingredients.

Make thick paste of all the ingredients other than fish. Dip fish fingers in the paste and keep it for some time. Take bread crumbs separately in a dish. Take a fish finger, role it into the bread crumbs and put in heated oil for frying. Keep frying in low flame till it turn brown. Repeat the same process for all other fish fingers. Your dish is ready. Enjoy!

Badam Korma is another special dish for Eid. For this delicacy, you need almonds, meat and khoya as the main ingredients. Other items include yogurt, onion (sliced), garlic, ginger, dry coriander powder, Knorr chicken cubes, tomato, red chili, salt and poppy seeds. It is easy and quick to cook.