Mutton Cooking Recipes In Urdu مٹن پکوان

Do you know mutton is the most commonly consumed red meat in the world? You not only enjoy its unique taste but also get lots of health benefits. Low amount of saturated fat serves to improve blood cholesterol and stabilize the heart rhythm.

Using goat meat, you can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis – a form of arteriosclerosis. Conjugated linoleic acid in the goat meat may help prevent cancer and different other inflammatory conditions. Selenium and chlorine are helpful in eliminating the risk of cancer.

The low amounts of saturated fats and high amounts of lean proteins in mutton inevitably means it will help control weight and minimize the risk of obesity. Goat meat carries benefits also for the pregnant women. Particularly, it prevents anemia in both mother and baby and minimizes the risk of birth defects. Summing up, the list of goat meat benefits is very long.

The mutton recipes are usually expensive to prepare due to the high price of the main ingredient – mutton. But any dish made with mutton is incredibly flavorsome, succulent and sensational. It is found in various cuisines across the globe, from British roasts and American hamburgers to classic Middle Eastern and Indian lamb curries. In the Indian subcontinent, mutton recipes have been favorite dishes, especially in the royal kitchens, since ancient times.

Galouti Kebab, Khatta Meat, Parsi Mutton Cutlets, Rajasthani Laal Maas, Dhabe Da Keema and Bhindiwala Meat are some of the savory dishes popular in India.

Badami Lamb Korma is another hearty mutton recipe. You will find a well-cooked dish bursting with rich flavors of cream, spices, almond paste and yogurt. Just warm your soul with all that.

Preparing ingredients and cooking Badami Lamb Korma may take two hours. You need to collect and deal with the ingredients of lamb, cream, masala and paste separately.

There are other mutton curries as well known for their special taste and spiciness, like Kosha Mangsho (Bengali mutton curry), Rogan Josh (Kashmiri mutton curry) and Laziz Lamb Handi.