Dua for Victory and Success فتح و کامرانی کیلئے دعا

ہر جائز مقصد میں کامیابی کیلئے دُعا

حَسْبِیْ اللّٰہُ لَااِلہُ اِلَّا ھُوَ عَلَیْہِ تَوَ کَّلْتُ وَھُوَرَبُّ الْعَرشِ الْعَظِیْمَo

صبح کی نماز کے بعد سو مرتبہ اول وآخر درود شریف سورۂ توبہ کی آیا ت کا ورد کریں۔ان شاء اللہ ہر جائز مقصد میں کامیابی حاصل ہوگی۔



Kamyaabi K Liay Dua

Success is the only thing you need and most vehemently strive for in your life. But, the majority of people still think they are unsuccessful in this world. You feel desperate when you are unable to achieve the pre-set goals, or your achievements do not entail the required results.

While facing hardships for a specific target, if you also recite a Dua for victory and success, it will add blessings and piety to struggle and entitle you for Divine help.

You can find a Dua for victory and success both in the Noble Quran and the Hadith Sharif. The last verse of Surah At-Tawbah (chapter 9) is a beautiful Dua for this purpose.

Here is its English Translation.

"Sufficient for me is Allah; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne."

(Al-Quran, 9:129)

But remember to recite Darood Sharif prior to making this Dua. Insha Allah, you will get victory easily and through fair means.