Masnoon Duain From Quran and Hadith مسنون دُعائیں

What are Masnoon Duain? Let’s learn about the meanings, types and occasions of Masnoon Duain. If you make the recitation of a Masnoon dua your habit, every possible failure will be turned into success.

When you worship Allah, it means you are praying to Him for blessings and forgiveness. So, praying lies at the core of all worship. A prayer is called “Salah” in Arabic and “Dua” in Urdu. In other words, when you are saying prayer, it means you are making Dua.

A dua is actually a gift from our Lord. It offers a way to communicate with Allah Almighty. When someone is offering prayer (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib or Isha), it means they are silently talking to Allah.

What are Masnoon Duain?

A Masnoon Dua can be translated as a Sunnah Prayer. In other words, Masnoon Duaen are those prayers which the Rasool (SAW) recited on different occasions to invoke Allah’s assistance in various matters. He (SAW) made a Dua not only for himself but also advised the followers to do the same. Allah repeatedly stresses in the Holy Quran that success of an individual (in this world as well as the world hereafter) lies in following the footsteps of the Rasool (SAW).

Significance of Masnoon Duain:

It is stated in chapter 4, verse 80 of the Holy Quran, “He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah. But if any turn away, we haven’t sent you over them as a guardian (to watch their evil deeds)”. It is obvious from this Quranic injunction that obedience of the Rasool (SAW) is actually the obedience of Allah. On the other hand, if you turn away from the Prophet’s commands, Allah will withdraw His mercy from you.

On another occasion (i.e. chapter 3, verse 31), Allah says to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “(O Muhammad) say (to the people), if you should love Allah, then obey me, (so) Allah will love you and forgive your sins. And (indeed) Allah is Forgiving and Merciful”.

Going through the translation of the above given Quranic verse, we can realize that we need to follow the Rasool (SAW) in order to deserve Allah’s love and forgiveness.

Types of Masnoon Duain:

According to the need of the occasion and depending on what kind of assistance you want from Allah Almighty, a specific Masnoon Dua is to be made. In other words, the Masnoon Duayen or Sunnah prayers are of several different types. From the huge collection of such prayers, you will get a special Sunnah Dua to invoke Allah’s help in any and every type of problem/issue and situation.

For example, there are Sunnah prayers for, Shifa (health), Acha Rishta (a suitable marriage proposal), Qarz Se Nijat (to get rid of bad debt), marriage of girls and boys, happy married life, love between husband and wife, acceptance of marriage proposal, parents after death, offspring (having babies), fever, body pain, eye pain, Rizq Me Barkat (increase in provision of food), and so on.

Let’s learn about Masnoon Duain for different situations along with Urdu translation.